Privacy Policy

This document outlines how data collected from you is stored, used, and managed. If we update our policy we will change the date of this document and notify you if the change is material or required by law.

How we protect your privacy

We take your privacy seriously and we take several precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your data. We do not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes. As such, we do not run any ads on our website other than premium postings by authorized users. We do not use event tracking for marketing purposes. Further, we do not engage in any affiliate marketing.

Data we collect from you to provide or improve our services

Any data you post on PigeonList or send us directly from other websites. Personal info you provide (email, name, photos, friends, etc.). Web logging data such as pages viewed, access times, HTTP Headers. Cookie data such as searches, watching, and item info. Data about your device such as the screen size, local storage, and location.

Data we store to improve your experience on the site

We make sure to store your data as securely as we can. We follow common best practises for securing and storing your data to improve your overall experience with the site. You are given access to update certain data about you when logged in and authorized on the platform. We try our best to keep up with external changes in your data that come from your authenticated social network accounts.

If you have any questions about the above privacy policies please feel free to contact us further.


The PigeonList Team